What Happens After Your Trial Ends?

With only a few days before your 30 day Leadpages trial ends, it’s time to decide if you’ll be continuing on with Leadpages or cancelling your Leadpages account. In this post we’ll go through your options so there's no surprise charges to your account when your trial ends.

Firstly, if you do nothing when your 30 day trial ends you’ll be charged $300 which gives you access to Leadpages for a full 12 months on the Standard Annual membership (32% off monthly billing).

The Leadpages Standard membership is the right choice If you don’t need access to features such as A/B Split testing, LeadDigits or LeadLinks (available on all Pro Plans) and want to stick with Annual billing. If so there’s nothing else you need to do.

However, if you do want access to these additional Pro plan features, want to save up to 54% off your Standard Leadpages membership, or maybe you want to cancel your Leadpages account altogether, I’ll cover how to do it all here.

Leadpages Plan Comparison Chart

To help you choose the best plan for your business and your budget, check out the Leadpages Plan comparison chart below (click the image to enlarge).

 Once you’ve chosen a plan (or decided to cancel), click the relevant section below for step by step instructions.

Upgrade to a Pro Monthly / Annual / 2 year or a Leadpages Standard 2 year membership

If you want to continue your Leadpages membership after your trial ends and save up to 54% off your Leadpages Membership, I’ll walk you through how to upgrade to any of the Pro plans or a 2 year Standard subscription in just 4 easy steps

1. Log in (1, 2 & 3) to your Leadpages account: https://my.leadpages.net/login/


2. Click the “UPGRADE” (4)at the top left of the screen


3. Choose whether you want a Monthly, Annual or 2 Year plan (5) and click the “Upgrade” button (6) under the plan you want to upgrade to.


4. Now click “Upgrade My Account” 
(7) and you’re done. Easy!


Continue with a Leadpages Standard Annual Membership ($300 a year)

Well this is the easiest option because you don’t have to do anything. When your trial expires Leadpages will charge your account for the Standard Annual subscription saving you $144 a year over paying monthly.

Switch to a Leadpages Standard Monthly Membership ($37 a month)

Now because you're going from a Standard Annual plan down to a monthly payment option, we need to contact Leadpages support and ask them to move you to the monthly payment option.

Here’s what to do:

1. Log in (1, 2 & 3) to your Leadpages account: https://my.leadpages.net/login/ 



2. Click the ? (4) at the top left of the screen


3. Click the “Support Ticket” (5) box at the bottom left of the screen.


4. Fill in the required information and request Leadpages support move you to Standard Monthly Subscription – To make this easy, you can just copy and paste the “Question” (6) and “Details” (7) text below. 


Question: Switch to Monthly Payment Option

Details: Hi there

 I recently purchased a Leadpages template and started a 30 day Leadpages trial which is due to expire in the next few days. I'd like to stay on as a Leadpages Standard customer but want to move to a monthly payment option.

 Please do not charge me the Standard Annual Subscription fee and move me onto a Standard Monthly Subscription before my trial expires.





5. Click the Blue “Submit” (8) button and you should receive a response from Leadpages support in the next 24 hours letting you know they have moved you to a Standard monthly payment. 



PS: If you do happen to be charged the Annual subscription, simply use the same method above to open a support ticket and ask Leadpages to refund the annual charge and switch to a Standard Monthly subscription. 

Cancel your Leadpages Account

If Leadpages wasn’t for you or you didn’t see the results you were expecting, Leadpages makes it easy to cancel your account without jumping through hoops to do so. Here’s how to do it:

Note: Cancelling your Leadpages account will permanently delete any Landing pages that you have created.


1. Log in (1, 2 & 3) to your Leadpages account: https://my.leadpages.net/login/



2. Click Your name (4) in the top right corner and select “Account Settings” (5)





3. In the left side menu click “Billing” (6) and then the “Delete My Account” (7) link underneath your credit card details


4. Choose a reason (8) for cancelling your account, type a short sentence (9) in the box provided to give a bit more detail on why you’re cancelling and then click the “Delete Account” (10) button


5. Your Leadpages account has been deleted. You can re-activate it at any time


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