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BlogStart is a complete website setup service that gives new bloggers and both offline and online business owners their own modern, responsive and professional website FREE.

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Choosing A Domain Name

Step 1. Choosing Your Domain Name

Before you can build your website, you need a Domain Name. But what is it, which ones should you avoid and how do you find the right one. Here's the exact process I use to find the perfect domain name in any niche…

Starting Your Website

Step 2. Let Us Build Your Website Free

If you’re planning on starting a blog or website for your online business and don’t have the cashflow to pay someone to do it for you or the time to learn everything yourself, we created BlogStart for you! We'll build it for you FREE!
My Trusted Tools And Resources To Make Building your Website Easier

Step 3. Step-by-Step Training and Tutorials

How-To guides and step-by-step tutorials showing you how to use WordPress and the Divi theme. I'll also show you the tools, plugins and services that I use to make building and maintaining your website easier. 
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The “5 Minute Blogging Myth” Set Me Back Months…

What if there was a quick and easy way for new bloggers to get started without the hassle of learning the technical side of building a blog, the expense of experimenting with new themes and plugins or the weeks or months it would take to learn how to build your web pages from scratch yourself?

What if all you had to do was purchase your domain name and hosting and in 48 hours your new blog was live complete with everything you need to get started.

And what if it was a free service, how much time, money and effort would that save you?

I'm Andrew Stewart, tech lover and WordPress aficionado living a somewhat quiet life in Sydney Australia. After being in the corporate world for more than 10 years and with a keen interest in online business, the time was right to get started.

With blogging guru’s preaching how anyone can “Start a blog in 5 minutes”, I decided to have a go at building my website myself. It's not like I had thousands of dollars to pay someone to do it for me anyway.

What no-one likes to tell you (because there's a referral commission on the line) is that it’s really just the WordPress Installation that takes 5 minutes and there’s still a ton of work to do after that including WordPress configuration, essential plugin installation and setup (that’s if you even know which plugins you need), learning how to use your chosen theme, creating your web pages, images, content and more. I call it the “Five Minute Blogging Myth”.

The 5 minute Blogging Myth
And still today, this is a big reason many people who want to start an online business never actually get their website finished.

So after seeing this go on for more than a decade, I've found a way to give you a modern, responsive and professional website without wasting months learning how do everything on your own.

No more experimenting with different themes and plugins, or trying to figure out how to create web pages on your own. I've  created a FREE website service called BlogStart, an all in one website creation service that harnesses the power of WordPress, and the drag and drop simplicity of the market leading Divi theme from Elegant themes.

Divi 3.0 (with it's new front end page builder) comes pre-installed with BlogStart.

BlogStart is about doing as much of the website creation process as possible for you and removing the fears and obstacles that that hold entrepreneurs and business owners back from building their own website.

But most importantly, it’s about giving anyone who wants to get into blogging, build a precence online for their existing  or start an online business the best chance of creating a beautifully modern, responsive and professional website your visitors will love.

BlogStart is planned for release in the next few months, but I want to open it up to a small group of people a few weeks before the official launch to give you a chance to try it out and get your website started earlier than everyone else. For more information on BlogStart or to get early access, click the button below.…

Already Rockin' A WordPress Blog?

The best tools, plugins and services to help you get more traffic, capture leads and build a beautiful website your visitors will love. In this guide you'll discover:



  • Our Recommended hosting services for your Blog
  • Where to find the perfect WordPress theme
  • Stunning Royalty free images for your blog posts
  • Essential Google Chrome add-ins that will make the website design process easier
  • My favorite use tool for creating engaging blog post and social media images
  • Sales funnel software, email services and lots more…
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