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Why is it that so many potential bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to get started online, never actually take that first step?

Most new bloggers have an idea of what they want to blog about, but don’t have the money to pay a professional web designer to build their website, or much of an idea on how to do it themselves.The belief is that websites are complicated to build, so too many people simply give up before they even start.

Now if you’re not one to simply give up, then you'll find plenty of guides and tutorials online showing you how to install and use WordPress, and also services that will install your WordPress blog for you. But what catches most people out is that installing WordPress is only a  small part of building a WordPress website.

The “The 5 Minute Blog” Myth

I'm sure you've seen the promise of “Start blogging in under 5 minutes”, but what no-one seems to mention is  that you still have plenty of work to do to get your blog configured and looking respectable. You'll need to choose a good WordPress theme which can cost you anywhere from forty to a few hundred dollars, configure your themes settings, know which plugins you need, design and build the essential pages for your website such as the home page, contact and about pages, source royalty free images and learn how to edit these images and the list goes on…

Now I'm not taking a stab at the free WordPress installation services out there as they eliminate the need for you to learn how to install WordPress yourself, but all they really do is just send you your login details and leave you to figure the rest out yourself. They might even try and sell you a course or service now that they have you in a bit of a vulnerable position.

It's like someone building the wooden frame of your house and telling you that you’ll need to finish off the bricks, plumbing, electrical and everything else yourself with no tools or instructions as to how to do any of it. So your effectively stuck with 2 options: Back to square one trying to figure everything out for yourself, or paying someone to help you finish the job.

Learn Only What You Need To…

A few years ago I was in exactly the same position, limited cash and not much of an idea on how to build a website. To save money (money I didn’t have anyway) I did what most people do when they first start out…EVERTHING!

I studied anything I could find online to learn the skills I needed to build a website, whilst also experimenting  with countless themes, plugins and a whole range of different software and services along the way. The problem was that learning everything myself massively delayed my start doing the stuff that mattered…actually writing content for the blog and growing my audience!

Most of the things I spent so much time learning such as buying a Domain, Hosting, DNS, FTP, C-panel, Installing WordPress, trying out different themes and plugins, I only needed to do once, and I learned the hard way that most new bloggers or small businesses just don’t need to waste time learning this stuff. And because I took the long road, I also learned a ton of new skills along the way so I know exactly what challenges you’re going to face when building your website for the first time.

The Right Way To Start Your Blog…

So it made sense for me to use everything I’ve learned over the years from building WordPress websites, and put together a completely FREE website package for bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to get online. This Free website package improves upon every free WordPress installation service out there, and i have included every last drop of value I possibly can to get you started successfully online. I personally take care of the entire setup process, whilst also giving you all the tools and resources you need to build an amazing website that you can be proud of.

What makes this offer so unique is that you not only get WordPress installed but you also get the WordPress theme Divi 2.4 free (valued at $69), which is by far the most powerful and user friendly theme that I have ever used and the reason Divi is my theme of choice for all new WordPress websites.



No More Excuses!

What I have been able to put together for you is a FREE service that is so much more than just installing WordPress and letting you figure the rest out on your own.

I know first-hand that if I was just to install WordPress and then just dump the rest into your lap without any help or guidance, then all I’m really doing is setting you up for failure and your blog will just never get finished. But you need take the first step and click the “I’m ready to start my blog now” button below and you'll be taken to a page where I show you everything i will be doing for you and also what the next steps are.

Sound good? Click the “I'm ready to start my blog now” button.

Remember that this offer is limited so click the “I'm ready to start my blog now” button above to reserve your spot. If you need more time to think about it, simply CLICK HERE and I'll send you a link to this offer so you can come back when your ready to take action.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this service for?
This service is specifically for entrepreneurs, bloggers or small business owners who need a website but have no idea where to start. It’s aimed at those that are just starting out and don’t have the cash flow to pay a professional web designer to build and maintain their website, or for bloggers that need to be in control without relying on someone to post every piece of content to the blog for them.

Even though I will be doing most of the work for you, you still need to be committed to putting a few hours aside to build out the pages for your website to get them looking the way you want, but I’ll be showing you what to do every step of the way and providing links to tutorials and resources that will walk you through how to create a stunning website with Divi.

Why am I doing this for Free?
The simple answer is that I remember know how hard it was (and how long it took) for me to figure everything out myself when I started building websites and online businesses, so I understand the fears that hold people back from getting started.

That said, I now have the opportunity to help many starting entrepreneurs and small businesses create their own online presence by giving them the tools to create a beautiful website that their visitors will love, without going through that same learning curve that I went through. Nowadays, there should be no reason as to why you don’t have a website or blog for your business, because I am giving you everything you could possibly need to get started, and all you pay for is your domain (about US$10 every year) and you Web Hosting (as low as $3.71 per month)!

What’s the catch?
This is actually my favourite question and understandably one of the first things I always get asked. You see, as you have already figured out there’s no way I could do this for free simply because of the time it would take me to get all of this done for you. As much as I enjoy helping people out whenever I can, there are costs associated with doing this for you and I need to recover these somehow.

The beauty of what I am offering you is that it’s sponsored by Hostgator, one of the top 5 Hosting companies in the world and my preferred hosting company for all of my websites. Now you can find more detailed information about this here, but the short version is that when you purchase hosting using my referral link or when you use the coupon code TAOWORDPRESS25, you not only get 25% off your hosting package but Hostgator pay me a commission for referring you.

You pay nothing extra, but this commission helps to cover my costs so I don’t need to charge you anything. Hostgator gets a new customer and you get your website setup for you with Divi 2.4 free, and more importantly I’m able to help you take that first step by getting your website up and running.

What is Divi 2.4?
Divi is the most flexible, easy to use WordPress theme I have ever used, and is easily the best theme in my opinion for beginners. You don’t need to know a thing about coding or have any previous experience building websites as everything with Divi is drag and drop.

The big news for you is that Divi 2.4 just received a huge update, adding a host of features that the Divi community has been asking for. This update is also great news for you as it makes building a website even easier! Many of the image effects that web designers would normally do in Photoshop such as color overlays, adding logo’s to images etc, can now be done directly from within the Divi theme in just a few clicks.

In addition, Divi 2.4 now enables you to create blog posts using the divi builder, so now you can easily get your blog posts looking the way you want without having to muck around in the default WordPress text editor. This is why it was so important for me to be able to include Divi 2.4 with your WordPress installation as it’s not only fun to use, but ideal for those who are not technical and have never built a website in their life.(Click Here to see examples of Divi 2.4 in action)

What do I need to do?
There are 2 things every website needs: A domain name and a Webhost. A domain name will cost you about ten bucks every year and what you are purchasing is your home address on the web. ie or Web hosting on the other hand is basically where you pay a small fee to rent space on a web server which displays the pages on your website to anyone that visits your domain. Ie. Anyone that visits is shown my current home page that I created inside of WordPress. My preferred hosting company is Hostgator, and hosting packages can be picked up for as low as $3.71 when you use my 25% off coupon code TAOWORDPRESS25 at checkout.

Click on the “I’m ready to get started” button and you will be taken to a page (created using the awesome Divi theme) which explains everything. I’ll show you how it works and leave no stone unturned as I explain how I am able to offer you a service that I could charge over US$200 for, without it costing you anything. You’ll also see everything that I was able to include in this free service and how you can get started in 2 easy steps (less than 5 minutes)

How long is this offer available?
Because I’ll be personally be setting this up for you, I can only leave this offer up for a limited amount of time each day so I can stay true to my promise of having your website setup in under 48 hours. As I personally do all the WordPress installations myself, I usually have to pull this offer down after a few hours (until the following day) as I can only complete a limited number of new blog installations per day.

 But you need take the first step and click the  “I’m ready to get started” button below or you may miss out.

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