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My Short Story…

I'm Andrew. I'm 38 and from Sydney Australia who still works a full time job in the Corporate world, and juggle my free time between spending time with family, building WordPress websites and continually testing and discovering new ways to make the website build process easier.

I have been a student of online business for over a decade, and have been building niche websites on the WordPress platform ever since.

The funny thing was is that regardless of how many niche sites I built, I always enjoyed the website build more than the niche itself. More than 10 years later, I finally decided to create The Art Of WordPress.

Why did it take so long? Well that's a long story and one I'll tell you about about another time.

What Is The Art Of WordPress?

With so many years experience building WordPress websites, I got to see online business evolve and new tools and services come and go. I've seen the WordPress platform change over the years and continually get better with every release, and in most cases armed with the right theme and a little guidance you don't need to throw thousands of dollars at a web design company to build your website. Many of these companies just use WordPress anyway, but you can build and maintain your own website yourself without ever having to write a single line of code, or even knowing what the heck HTML or CSS even means.

Over the years I've spent thousands of dollars and probably just as many hours figuring out what works and the easiest way to build great looking websites using out of the box themes, tools and plugins. Although it was staring me in the face, only recently did I realize that I am in a great position to share my experiences with bloggers and business owners that are struggling with building a website for their business.

And that's why I created The Art Of WordPress. To help bootstrapping entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners build and maintain their own beautiful website quickly and easily.

Over time, I'm going to share what I've learned through in depth tutorials on everything from choosing a domain name to social media advertising. I don't claim to be an expert or guru in any one thing, but I've had a love affair with WordPress for over a decade so I've  had a ton of triumphs and just as many failures along the way which you don't have to experience (unless you want to of course).

Failure is the best education you'll ever receive, but it also makes the journey long and sometimes an extremely frustrating one.

My goal is to help you get your WordPress website to where it needs to be by taking the shortest path possible, saving a ton of money, having fun doing it and experiencing a sense of accomplishment and pride when you take a step back and say “Wow I created that”

Why is everything free?

Well that's really the point. The purpose of The Art Of WordPress is to help existing website owners or those that are just starting out and don't have much (if any) cash flow into their business how to build an amazing and functional website themselves. Most of the services I offer on the site such as the Free Website Setup Service and The Ultimate WordPress Toolkit are all free and any revenue I make to help maintain the site is off the back of affiliate commissions from various tools, plugins and services that I recommend (by purchasing through the links I provide on the website). It costs you nothing extra, but it does help support the site so I can continue to offer new and improved free resource guides and services now and into the future


Have a great day


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